14 Best Down Pants for Snowy Adventures & Chilling at Home!

14 Best Down Pants for Snowy Adventures & Chilling at Home!

Whenever I have visited a cold place, especially when it is dark, or even when chilling back home, I see people protecting their upper parts of the body with classy and unique jackets. At the same time when you look at their lower body, you will be surprised to see that there will be only one layer with most of them.

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This is something I have found surprising. The lower body is as important as the upper part and moreover, exposing the lower body to cold conditions might stop the blood circulations in some parts of the body.

Down pants or Insulated pants keep the legs warm

I have experienced once myself when the knees froze, due to which it was really hard to even walk. This is when the Down pants, also popularly known as Insulated pants come to your rescue.

Down Pants are very different from Climbing Pants

How to select a Down Pant?

While selecting down pants, there are a few parameters that you should be familiar with and we are going to list them in a moment.

Fill Power

The quantity of filling is measured in terms of Fill Power. The more the filling, the warmer the pants are. The fill power ranges from 300 to 900, 300 being less warmer and 900 being the most insulated.

To fight the extreme cold condition we need about 750 fill power.

Down filling

When we talk about down filling, there are two categories that are available. The natural and the polyester. There are advantages and disadvantages to both of them. Let us start to understand each of them.


This pant comes from ducks, waterfowl, or geese. These are too comfortable and can be compressed to a great extent. The major advantage is that it can be compressed to a size as small as a bottle.

Even compressing it to such small sizes will neither lose its shape, nor its insulation capacity. The only disadvantage is its price which comes with quality.


On the contrary, the polyester down pants is obviously made of synthetic material that can only mimic the natural filling.

The synthetic fill can neither be compressed to a large extent nor will it last long. The only advantage of this material is that it is less priced.

Outer Layer Material

The material of the outer layer made out of nylon fabric makes the outer shell tear-resistant and durable. They should in addition be breathable, waterproof, and light.

Zippable Layer

Having a long, full-length zip on the outer shelf will make it easier to take off the outer layer when it is not too cold, without removing the hiking boots.

Stretch Hem

The stretch hem near the ankles will be an added feature. This elastic will not let snow, or water, enter the boots.

Best Down Pants for Extreme to Moderate Weather

Best Down Pants for Snow

From the previous few sections, we have understood that the best down pants come with the least weight, best warmth, elastic waist, zippable outer layer, and elastic near ankles.

We have listed them in the order of their weight. It is not necessary that the lesser the weight, the better the quality of these down pants. The second thing that matters the most is the fill power which is the measure of the warmth that down pant offers.

The warmth of your pants depends on the place you are in. If you are in the coldest place on earth, then you might need the warmest down pants.

1. MontBell Light Down Insulated Pants

ManufacturerMont-bell Co., Ltd.
Listed Weight186 gms
Materials15-Denier Ballistic Airlight nylon shell
Fill Power800 EX down
Fill weight80 gms
Elastic AnkleYes
Elastic Waist BandYes

This is the most sought-after Insulated pant that is almost weightless. They fit great at the waist, thigh, and hip areas. It feels like we are not wearing anything until we go out on an extremely cold evening, it is so comfortable and the materials used in the manufacturing of these pants are super soft.

Even in extremely cold weather, the temperature feels warm and that’s the beauty of true down pants. Most of us start believing its usage only after we start wearing them.

The reason why we chose to select this as the first in our review is due to the warmth that it gives for its weight.

2. Naturehike Compression Down Pants

Listed Weight250 gms
FillAbrasion and weather resistant 20D 400T nylon
Fill Power750 Fill power goose down
Fill weightNot Listed
Elastic AnkleYes
Elastic Waist BandYes
PocketsElastic waistband and closure around the ankles eliminate drafts

This is ultralight and portable too. It can fit in any of the smallest bags that you take for hiking or rappelling. To wash, they have separate instructions and claim that it is very easy, especially during camping in a car and the like.

To get rid of the stains all you need to do is wipe it with a towel or cotton using 75 degrees alcohol and dry it with a towel.

Not only this, these down pants do not allow even cold wind to enter the ankle, minimizing the cold, especially when you have a boot for snow.

3. Mountain Hardwear Stretchdown Pant

ManufacturerMountain Hardwear
Listed Weight255 gms
FillNylon fabric is woven with 18% elastane
Fill Power700-fill down for warmth
Fill weightNot Listed
Elastic AnkleYes
Elastic Waist BandYes
Pockets18% elastane to provide serious amounts of stretch

This is the first lightweight, portable down pants that come with pockets. Not everybody will be as minimalistic as me. Of course, a pocket is certainly a utility.

This comes with an integrated webbed belt, two hand pockets, hidden zippered coin pocket.

One more unique feature of these down pants is it maintains warmth even when exposed to water, which is a very important thing when you are on snow.

4. Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Down Pant

ManufacturerMountain Hardwear
Listed Weight272 gms
Fill800 breathable down (90% goose down, 10% goose feather)
Fill Power800-fill RDS-certified
Fill weightNot Listed
Elastic AnkleYes
Elastic Waist BandYes
PocketsTwo hand pockets for convenient storage Zippered lower legs for enhanced venting and layering ability Zippered and snap closure at the front center of the pants makes them particularly adjustable

5. Patagonia Nano Puff Pant

Listed Weight332 gms
Fill100% recycled polyester shell fabric
Fill Power55% postconsumer recycled PrimaLoft Gold synthetic filling
Fill weight60 gms
Elastic AnkleNo
Elastic Waist BandNo
PocketsZip fly, front pockets, and rear zip pockets provide easy access and storage

Here is a new type of insulation that offers toasty, puffy warmth that gets going even when it gets wet. Both the shell and the insulation inside act as great water repellants.

There are zips both in the front and rear providing us with easy access to storage. A lot of small items can be put in to be accessed when necessary.

6. Mountain Hardwear StretchDown Pant

ManufacturerMountain Hardwear
Listed Weight350 gms
FillDurable face fabric is built from 87% Nylon, and 13% Elastane
Fill Power700-fill RDS-certified goose down
Fill weightNot Listed
Elastic AnkleYes
Elastic Waist BandYes
PocketsIntegrated webbed belt, two hand pockets, and hidden zippered coin pocket

This comes with an integrated belt instead of the usual elastic waistband. Due to the heaviness of snow, these down pants do not come over as they lie tight because of the integrated belt.

The fabric that these down pants are made of delivers incredible durable stretch, adjustable cinch at the hem, and elastic at the cuffs.

In addition to all this, it has a hidden zippered coin pocket. If you would want to protect a small treasure, this is the right place.

7. Western Mountaineering Flight Down Pant

Manufacturer Western Mountaineering
Listed Weight355 gms
MaterialGore Windstopper fabric
Fill Power850+ Fill power goose down
Fill weight115 gms
Elastic AnkleYes
Elastic Waist BandYes
Pocketsfull-length zippers and shell materials

The makers of these down pants claim that they can fit these pants into a bottle. You can imagine the thickness and compressibility of the material.

This compressibility in no way compromises to offer more warmth along with the added protection to keep you in comfort mode even when the mercury drops to chill weather.

8. Feathered Friends Helios Down Pants

ManufacturerFeathered Friends
Listed Weight369 gms
MaterialPertex® Endurance® LT
Fill Power900+ fill power goose down
Fill weight126 gms
Elastic AnkleYes
Elastic Waist BandYes
PocketsFull-length side zippers, Lycra bound elastic waistband with 2-stage snap adjustment

The first of its kind from our options, this has got full-length separating side zips that allow you to put them on without having to step out of your skis or remove your boots and crampons.

This option from these Down Pants makes them best suited for skiing, winter camping, and cold mountaineering (be careful if you are in a bear country).

9. Rab Argon Down Pant

Listed Weight375 gms
MaterialFluorocarbon-free Hydrophobic Down developed in conjunction with Nikwax
Fill Power800-fill goose down
Fill weight38 gms
Elastic AnkleNo
Elastic Waist BandNo
Pockets2-way front fly zip with 2 insulated zip baffles

This Pertex® Quantum outer has technical features that include a tough and durable, stitch-through construction to eliminate cold spots and a two-way front fly zipper.

The material used has a durable water repellent coating, free from fluorocarbons. The hydrophobic finish is afraid of moisture and resists moisture for longer.

10. Rab Argon Pants

Listed Weight375 gms
MaterialPertex outer material
Fill Power800-fill, ethically sourced, fluorocarbon-free, hydrophobic European Goose Down
Fill weight160 gms
Elastic AnkleNo
Elastic Waist BandNo
PocketsTwo-way zipper

The difference between the previous down pants and these is the material used.

While this is made using the Pertex outer material stitch-through construction to eliminate cold spots and a two-way front fly zipper.

11. MontBell U.L. TEC Down Pants

Listed Weight377 gms
Material90% goose down, 10% goose feather
Fill Power800 hypoallergenic goose down
Fill weight68 gms
Elastic AnkleNo
Elastic Waist BandYes
Pockets2 zippered hand warmer pockets Snap, zippered fly, and drawstring waist adjustment Full-length separating side zippers

Some technologies that have to be brought to you are:

  • Polkatex is a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish
  • The Ballistic Airlight is a high-tech fabric that never sacrifices durability but saves on weight

12. Sitka Gear Men’s Kelvin Lite Down 3/4 Packable Hunting Pants

ManufacturerSitka Gear
Listed Weight397 gms
MaterialNot listed
Fill Power900 fill Primaloft Gold insulation
Fill weight60 gms
Elastic AnkleNo
Elastic Waist BandNo
PocketsZippered fly and nylon web belt Two-way stretch nylon face 3/4 Pant

They are not the typical full-sized pants. These are in fact on 3/4 of the full size. They are used mainly for hunting. It was made this way to reduce bulk in the pack.

This is to be worn mostly in forests and is military grade. We suggest you do not wear it in a snowy area.

13. Flygo Women’s Packable Compression Down Pant

Listed Weight482 gms
MaterialNylon shell for abrasion/water resistance and soft polyester lining
Fill PowerNot Listed
Fill weightNot Listed
Elastic AnkleYes
Elastic Waist BandYes
PocketsElastic drawstring waist and elastic closure around the ankles eliminate drafts Multi-pockets: 3 pockets, two slant pockets at the front by a zipper closure, one hip pocket by a snap closure

If you see the pockets, it has enough to store for a long time. These down pants have:

  • 3 pockets
  • two slant pockets at the front
  • one hip pocket by a snap closure

The elastic closure near the ankles protects the feet from snow

14. Naturehike Goose Down Pants

ManufacturerNature Hike
Listed Weight500 gms
MaterialAbrasion resistant 20D 400T nylon
Fill Power700 fill power premium white goose down
Fill weightNot Listed
Elastic AnkleYes
Elastic Waist BandYes
PocketsIncludes hand pockets Adjustable elastic closure at the bottom

The nylon ones are too heavy but will be really soft and comfortable to wear.

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