While trekking or traveling, there are a lot of constraints with respect to food. This could be due to the fact that we are for all practical purposes (sophisticated) nomads while we are traveling.

Why do we need Travel Food?

Keeping in mind this, there are very few options when it comes to the intake of food for the following reasons:

  • We are on the go constantly and there is no settlement
  • Very few natural options as we have destroyed most of the forests
  • Even when inside a forest, little do we know how to get fruits or honey that are accessible in most places
  • We might not have the required gear to get the available natural resources
  • Our hunger and lifestyle might crave grains that are not available in the so-called uncivilized world
  • The mode of transport might not allow us to meet our regular measure of food intake
  • Limited space in the luggage carrier makes it difficult to carry large sized food
  • The food we normally prepare at settlements will not be edible the next day

In view of all this, it is very unlikely that we will be able to survive even a few meals during travel without relying on Travel Food. Just like the travel gadgets like Backpacks, Bear Bells, Car Camping Mattresses, Wood Burning Stoves, Rappelling Gear, Lanterns, Hiking Boots, Climbing Pants, Camping Kettles, Anorak Jackets, or modes of transport like Truck Campers, Travel Food come in handy certainly during these uncertain times.

Let us understand this and check out different types of Travel Food from different categories based on place and quality of the food. India is so diversified that, for every 100 km. there is a change in the culture, food, language, climate, etc. You can learn more about India by visiting this website.

What Food Can I Carry While Traveling?

Travel food is something edible that we can carry while we are traveling. Though it looks simple, when we give it a deeper thought, a lot of other conditions come our way to consider food travel food.

Let us see in this section what those conditions are.

  • Travel Food must not get spoiled while we are traveling when there is no refrigeration
  • Travel Food, due to the above condition cannot be wet as this will need refrigeration
  • Travel Food should be custom-made to the climatic conditions of the place we visit to keep a check on our health
  • Some preservatives, both natural and artificial contribute to the longevity of Travel Food
  • Some wet eatables can be dehydrated and carried only to be boiled just before eating
  • Food that is packed in a vacuum container lasts long, which is again Travel Food

Every state in India has several kinds of healthy travel food and here on this website we will list all that with the ingredients and basic information.

What is the best Travel Food?

The best Travel Food is a healthy food that lasts long without refrigeration and digests easily at the place of travel, consuming it with or without boiling.

For instance, if you are planning to go to a place like Vadodara, the best Travel Food would be Thepla. This is because it is a healthy, local recipe, easy to carry, lasts long without refrigeration, and does not need vacuum packaging.

The ingredients used to prepare this food are all rich in fiber, and the fenugreek leaves added to it makes it a very healthy food. Essentially there is no absolute best travel food. It depends on the place of travel.

What Should I Cook for a Long Drive?

While you are on a long drive, there is very little chance that you will get food on the way unless you are on a very well-known highway where you know for sure about the shops.

So in such situations, it is wise enough to invest some time either in getting healthy packaged food or preparing your own. While you are preparing your own long-lasting food, you should either use large quantities of preservatives like sugar and salt or use ingredients in such a way that the outcome is a dry recipe without water present in it.

You are safe to use at least for a week if you follow the above two ways of cooking your very own food wanting to preserve it without refrigeration.

What Food Should I Buy for Travel?

Keep in mind three things while buying Travel Food.

  1. Natural Ingredients
  2. Easily Digestible
  3. Long Lasting

What is Easy to Eat in the Car?

If you have a car with a water heater, then you can pack dehydrated food so that you can boil water and consume dehydrated food hot. Who does not want hot tasty food?

If you don’t have the gadget to boil water, then carry already-cooked dry food that can be consumed as is.

How do you Pack Food for Traveling?

Packing Travel Food totally depends on the type of food you are opting for. The drier the food, the easier it is to carry it. The better the packaging the easier it is to carry and the longer it lasts.

If you have a refrigerator in your vehicle, you can keep any tasty thing that you want to taste and still travel, just like your home.

We will slowly build the list of travel food belonging to different categories.